Quick & easy recipe: Creamy Carbonara in an Instant


The Real Carbonara Spaghetti is not really creamy. The noodles are coated in eggs and cheese. There is another way to cook Spaghetti Carbonara using processed foods at the grocery. This is really handy when you suddenly have guests that arrive or you are a beginner in cooking. The canned goods comprise of canned mushroom soup, cream, ham, bacon and fetuccine noodles. You are also assured that the taste will come out a best seller. Try this next time when you have surprise guests. Here is the creamy carbonara recipe:


2 cans Creamed of Mushroom Soup (preferably Campbell)
250 ml All Purpose Cream (Nestle)
200 grams sweet ham, in small squares
200 grams bacon, shredded
Spinach Fettucine (400 grams noodles are green and I like the contrast of the white creamy carbonara sauce against the green noodles)
1 head garlic
a dash of nutmeg
a dash of pepper
Olive Oil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese for topping


1. Prepare the pasta (fettuccine noodles) based on instructions. Set Aside.

2. Fry the bacon until brown and not too crispy. Set Aside 1/4 for topping and the rest for the sauce.

3. In a sauce pan, saute garlic with olive oil. Add ham and 3/4 of the fried bacon.

4. Add the 2 cans of creamed mushroom soup with 2 cans of water.

5. Add the cream. Mix well.

6. Season with nutmeg and pepper.

7. If the bacon or ham you bought was too salty that it made the sauce salty as well, just mix in additional cream to neutralize the salty taste.

8. Serve the sauce and noodles separately. Top with bacon bits.

Serves 15-20 persons

I like that my readers appreciate my recipe.


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  1. 1 head garlic? Do u mean a whole bulb? You did not mention if crushed or not. Please clarify, I have plans of cooking this recipe. Just want to make it right. Thanks!

  2. hello! im a muslim..we dont eat pork. is there any alternative for the bacon & ham? can i use shrimp or beef? thank u

  3. i dreamed to cook carbonara,other recipe add evaporated milk is that the same with this recipe?what are the differences between the two recipe i read?

  4. For how many people does this serve? πŸ™‚ My boyfriend is coming home on my birthday and i dont know how to cook… πŸ™ Do you have any ideas or recipes that i could do to wow him and his family? πŸ˜€

  5. try this easy to make carbonara. I know of men who cooked this and swear that it came out really tasty.

    The recipe serves 15.

  6. looks yummy! i often make my carbonara with many of the same ingredients in your recipe, but i use chicken, not ham. i never considered nutmeg though…actually, i dont think ive really used it ever in any of my own dishes. what kind of flavor does it give to a dish? what other kinds of foods/dishes is nutmeg good with???

    Rias last blog post..World Autism Awareness Day.

  7. hello. this is the first time i visit ur site and it sure is very helpful! i just went out of the shower tonight and i got a glimpse of u on QTV with ur husband and daughter. i didn’t remember ur website name but i took note of ur creamy carbonara in an instant and it took me to ur site. i wasn’t really into cooking but after having my firstborn (who goes gaga over pasta and to think he’s just 9mos old!), i’ve been researching on pasta dishes appropriate to his age. and most of ur pasta recipes are just so baby-friendly thanks to u.more power and keep the recipes coming in!

  8. Thanks….ill try this kind of recipe hope to make it good.This one is so easy for a men like me..hehe

  9. oh my God! I did this recipe of yours and I must say, I caught the meticulous tongue of my tita. She asked if I’ve been practicing cooking carbonara and I just told her that I saw pinoyfoodblog.com and tried this instant creamy carbonara. Heck! They even wanted me to cook for our next family reunion. Gee! Thanks for this recipe. I owe you one! God Bless. Keep it up!

  10. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on the 25th with our friends. I’m planning to cook carbonara on that day and I will use this guide. How much will I be spending for this recipe for 20 persons?

  11. hmm, looks yummy.. i really love carbonara…can you please send me this creaaammmyyy, carbonara recipe.. I want to cook this one and love to get good reviews from family and office mates..

  12. what if i replace cream of mushroom soup with an ordinary white sauce and just add button mushroom to the recipe? would it make a difference?

  13. what if i substitute cream of mushroom soup with ordinary white sauce and then just add button mushrooms? what difference could it make?

  14. merry christmas,,, today is dec. 24 and i am now in rush thinking what to cook for tonight. thanks for your recipes, i’ll try to prepare your carbonara and russian salad plus other stuff and presto, enjoy the celebration of christmas with my friends.

    thanks for your website you are a big help to me. more power to you. and may God give you more blessings for the coming years.

  15. Hi there. Me and my group members in our culinary lab plan to cook this recipe.. But we ran into a problem. We can’t afford Parmesan cheese and nutmeg. Are there any alternative ingredients that you can give us? Thank you.

  16. thanks for sharing this recipe. i cooked this 2x already in family gathering and they always commend me for it’s delicious taste. may i request for a pizza recipe- from making pizza to making a sauce for it..thanks in advance

  17. Hi! this recipe really looks yummy. I wanna try it out this week end. I just want to ask, is it okay to add pesto on it?and where can we buy nutmeg, is it like those bottled McCormick spices?thanks so much!

  18. hi…im trying the recipe right now…its going well…its valentine’s day im cooking for my family and boyfriend…i hope they like it…thanks for the recipe =D

  19. Is there any alternative ingredients for nutmeg and Parmesan cheese ? Its quite expensive, cant afford it

  20. really love this stuff.. instead of using noodles i used udon (really) for some twist. kinda weird but i love udon’s ^0^

  21. It’s my 1st attempt to cook my own carbonara.
    It was a success, finally got the taste that I’ve been looking for. Tried once a carbonara in Paris & it’s only a disappointment, been actually thinking of going to Italy to eat the best carbonara. But hey, no need to spend more now coz I can cook my own creamy carbonara. Your recipe is truly a winner! Thanks a lot! ;p

  22. wow perfect! nagustuhan ng anak ko! kahit walang nutmeg at parmesan cheese ok din naman pla ang ordinary cheese! salamat s recipe!

  23. hi! my husband & i just got the ultrasound result of our first baby… and its a baby girl!!! i had ur recipe as my guide for our little celebration. thanks a lot!!

  24. I love cooking and I browse ur blog on my mobile..and im happy that I have to copy the recipes and paste it on my own notes..tnxs…I try this one by one…

  25. hey there i think its self explanatory… i like her instruction, brief and concise.. its up to u if u will use common sense..

  26. i love to cook pasta. now i will try carbonara. can i put olives and button mushroom? can i replace cream with evaporated milk? please reply..

  27. it’s my hubby’s bday,,, i want to try this one for our little celebration just for the family. I’ll see for what he’s reaction, hope he’ll find it delicious. it’s my first time to cook carbonara though i love pasta… Goodluck for me!!!

  28. ahaha never thought improvising can be a little gambly when it comes to this recipe.. I replaced ham with sliced german franks which definitely has salty aftertaste to it.. I run out of cream so I just used water.. Salty at first but in the end turns out great.. button mushroom is a good add on to the dish.. yum yum..

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