Bam-i, a noodle dish from Cebu

bam-i pancit

Bam-i is a noodle dish that we ate as kids growing up in Cebu. It is a Visayan dish as I’ve never seen it serve here in Manila. I love the two kinds of noodles: vermicelli and the egg noodles. When my kids were growing up, they don’t really like the combination of the noodles. Thankfully, they now appreciate my favorite Cebuano dish. I think the taste is so divine and different from the usual pancit guisado. If you want to imagine the taste of Bam-i , it is a blend of Pancit Canton and Sotanghon Guisado with a unique taste.

Timing is important so as not to overcook the egg noodles. Usually the vermicelli or sotanghon is cooked first before the egg noodles are added. I’ve innovated this recipe to include Filipino sausage (or Chorizo Bilbao) which you can buy in the groceries. It gives a more smoky flavor to Bam-i.

Here is my recipe:

1/4 kilo vermicelli or sotanghon
1/4 kilo to 1 kilo pancit canton
1/4 kilo shrimp, diced
1/4 kilo pork , diced
1 chicken breast, –
4 small pieces filipino sausage, diced- Swiss brand usually carries this.
1 onion, diced
1/2 garlic head, macerated
soy sauce
8 pieces tenga ng daga (black ear fungus)


1. Soak sotanghon in water. Cut with scissors.

2. Soak tenga ng daga. Cut into smaller pieces.

3. Choose very fresh shrimps. Strip skins and heads. Set aside shrimps. Pound skins and heads using a little hot water, Put these in a small cheesecloth (katsa) and squeeze to extract juice. Set aside.

4. Separate the fatty portions of pork from the lean parts. Cut lean parts into julienne strips. Meanwhile cut fatty pork into cubes, place in a little water, and let boil. Once water evaporates, let pork cook in its own fat until pork cubes look toasted. The fat is ready for the bam-i. Set aside .(You can do this just when you’re about to cook)

5. Boil Chicken breast in enough water that has been seasoned with salt. Shred chicken into thin elongated strips. Set aside broth.

Now let’s cook

1. Use a kawali. Put in your rendered fat (earlier) and pork cubes.

2. Add garlic; saute. Then, onions until transparent (Do not burn), the lean meat strips of pork which is allowed to cook and soften.

3. Add chicken breast pieces, shrimps, and filipino sausage. Let simmer.

4. Season with salt and then add tenga ng daga.

5. Add shrimp juice to taste. Let simmer.

6. Add sotanghon, drained, Cook for 2 minutes. Then add pancit canton, which should be broken in manageable lengths (not too short, though!).


7. Add chicken broth and water. You can also add some shrimp juice. The mixture should not be too dry nor too wet. Don’t let sotanghon stick to pan.

8. Season with lots of pepper!


9. Serve with crushed toasted garlic, onion leaves, eggs and parsely.

service tray


pancit bami

24 thoughts on “Bam-i, a noodle dish from Cebu

  1. Goyo

    I would love to make this dish. I don’t know what “tenga ng daga” is. Even akong Cebuana asawa doesn’t know. Can you tell me what it is? It looks and sounds very lami (masarap).

  2. veene

    tengang daga is a kind of mushroom that looks like a
    tengang daga usually you can buy this stuff dry…

  3. Amor

    Super lami jud ang Bam-i, mingaw nako ani na sud-an i remmber during our Christmas party sa high schoollagi me bam-i naka serve sa table, yon nga lang pag nagluto ako dto s manila, kami lng mga mag sister’s kumakain.

  4. RAGDE


  5. Elma Hull

    I’d like this dish that I can even eliminate the tengang daga, try substitute portabello mushrom.

  6. mayshell ballon

    i love it!!!my favorite one ever…

  7. chef bj

    original filipino recipe is really good.. for i know we filipino’s use full flavors in our dishes.


    masarap kainin..


    masarap lalo may hipon..

  10. ALABAN

    masarap talaga ang bam i

  11. weyn

    I agree that it tastes better than the pansit guisado. The combination lends better texture. Do you know what tenga ng daga in english is? We grow them in our langka tree. 😀

  12. ron

    bami is one of my favorite noodle concoction.gerry’s grill has one of the best tasting bami her in the philippines.try it there and you will never regret it

  13. Reuben

    Tenga ng Daga (wood ear mushroom) is scientifically referred to as Auricularia auricula-judae (syn. Auricularia auricula, Hirneola auricula-judae). In Europe and America, it’s called the Judas Ear or Jew’s Ear (supposedly the remnants of Judas when he hanged himself–typically anti-Semitic blabber).

    It is used comprehensively in Asian cuisine. According to Wikipedia (and this is surprising to me that Wiki can be so informative),

    “In Chinese, it is called ?? (pinyin: mù ?r, lit. “wood ear” or “tree ear”) or ??? (pinyin: h?i mù ?r, lit. “black wood ear”), and in Japanese it is called kikurage (????, lit. “tree-jellyfish”), and in Vietnamese it is called n?m tai mèo (cat’s ear fungus). Auricularia polytricha (cloud ear fungus), a closely related species, is also used in Asian cooking.

    One recipe is to collect it while still soft, wash it thoroughly and cut it into thin slices. The prepared slices should be stewed in stock or milk for around three-quarters of an hour, and then served with plenty of pepper. The result is crispy and sultry like seaweed.”

    The original reference is Mabey, Richard (1984), Food for Free., Pub. Fontana / Collins. ISBN 0-00-633470-9. P. 54.

    My own memories of bam-i are more often of fiestas and grand birthday parties when I am in Cebu…It’s definitely better than any Luzon-based pansit concoction.

  14. Cris Jose

    Actually bam-i is available here in Manila… our office canteen serves it for merienda… or one can order it if one wants to treat officemates for merienda. I like it but I like guisadong bihon with lots of kinchay better…

  15. shy

    verry verry oish.tabetai means gosto kng kainin or kain na kain n ako

  16. ayen

    tenga ng daga is a kind of mushroom called “cloud ear mushroom” very seldom this kind but you can use a “wood ear mushroom”. I live in England and found this at tesco’s, they are dried mushrooms and costly, soak them with water before use.

  17. Jaz smith

    hmm i miss eating this 🙁 .. i love bam-i ! my favorite.

  18. Marie

    I’m pancit lover and I actually miss eating this, thanks for sharing

  19. ting

    Thanks for this recipe! I will try making it for dinner tonight… good luck to me! 🙂 Will let you know how it goes.

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  21. nightingale

    thanks for sharing this recipe, ive cooked this recipe for my husband who is a cebuano and it was awesome!! the family loved it! two thumbs up!

  22. me

    pancit bam-i is served here in metro manila. you can order this in single order, or in bilao as large order. and it is very good. btw, the restaurant that i am talking about that is serving a very good bam-i is Conti’s Restaurant and Pastries. their branches are scattered around the metro, specifically in makati-greenbelt3, greenhills, katipunan, serendra, bf paranaque, nuvali sta.rosa, trinoma..

  23. noemi

    I haven’t tasted it so can’t say it is really bam-i

  24. tigas

    ba best prin ang chinese noodles or pancit lalu na un sa ongpin.parang magulo yang bam.cguro d kmi bihasa o d sanay sa ganyang pancit d2 sa metro mla.

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