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Puto Bumbong at SM Mall of Asia

Dec 05

puto bumbongIf you are a balikbayan or returning Filipino this Christmas season, you don’t have to wake up during the misa de gallo just to taste Puto Bumbong. There is a stall inside the Taste Asia, of SM Mall of Asia or in their branch in Frontera Verde. For 26 pesos per serving, you will get to eat piping hot puto bumbong served on banana leaves.

They cook Puto Bumbong right in front of you.

Though the mixture is already pre-mixed, the cook stuffs it in bamboo
puto bumbong

The bamboo are placed in some oven especially designed for puto bumbong
puto bumbong

Muscovado is added.
puto bumbong

Then grated coconut
pyto bumbong

The sweetness and butter is just right.

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  1. erika /

    hi! thanks for posting this. how much are the bibingka?

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