Crab with Chlorohyll’s Shirataki Noodles

crab-with-shiratake-noodlesTomorrow is Chinese New Year. Will you cook? I am busy preparing for a special dish and after learning “Crab with Chlorophyll’s Shirataki Noodles” at a cooking demo in the Maya Kitchen, I decided to give it a try for tomorrow’s dinner.

What is unique about this dish is the use of Shirataki noodles instead of the usual “sotanghon” noodles.

Shirataki noodles provide an alternative to traditional pasta, delivering a similar taste and texture to standard noodles with only a fraction of the carbs and calories. Shirataki noodles, made primarily of yam flour, also grant some additional health benefits. According to a University of Connecticut study, published in October 2008 in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” researchers found that glucomannan helps lower bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood sugar, while also aiding in weight loss.

This is the perfect noodle for me instead of the high carbs pasta.

Here is how to prepare.

Ingredients (the quantities is based on taste preference and so these are just merely a guide)

1 kilo to 5 kilos crabs
ginger juice (you can make ginger by following these instructions)
Oyster sauce
Chinese rice wine
coconut oil
sesame oil

On Shirataki noodles
Shirataki noodles (Can be bought at Salcedo market in Manila at 100 pesos/roughly 200 grams or at Japanese grocery stores)

Once removed from their packaging, shirataki noodles may have a slimy texture and a strong, beany even fishy odor. Washing the noodles in cold running water helps remove the smell. After rinsing, dry the noodles thoroughly with paper towels. To further improve the texture, heat the noodles in the microwave for one minute and then dry them once again with paper towels. Taking the time to eliminate the extra moisture will greatly improve the noodles’ texture.



1. You can choose to buy the crabs live and quietly put it to sleep or have it done at the market.
2. Season and marinade with salt and pepper, ginger juice, rice wine.
3. Prepare a wok. Heat it up.
4. Add oil.
5. Saute ginger, onions , leeks.
6. Add in the crab and cover it.
7. When crab is half cooked, take it out of the wok and set aside.
8. Add in boiled shirataki noodles.
9. Cook the shirataki and then put inside a hot pot.
10. Saute the crabs and add hot sesame oil.

The quality of the crab will determine the success of the dish.

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