Sally’s Home Bake Shop


Sally, my mother started her bakeshop in 1966. Her inspiration came after watching a movie. She noticed that a lot of moviegoers bought “kutsinta” or “puto”. She started with two product lines only. Then one day as a nine year old girl, I find myself being asked to help around the bakeshop. The bakeshop just expanded. Our kitchen was not big enough anymore. Mom built a bakeshop building beside our main house for the baking and packaging. Our home kitchen was used for simpler tasks like a test kitchen.

Regarding our logo, it was Rey Evangelista (ok, he was about 29 years old in 1966 — and he headed the Cebu Jaycees Children’s Art Contest at that time) who designed our logo and tag-line, “It’s Super-D-Licious!” I love the retro look. Our bakeshop was located in Lahug, Cebu City.

The bakeshop expanded to chiffon cakes, brownies, toasted mamon, specialty cakes like brazos de mercedes, sylvannas and also breads and cookies. There are lots more but my memory fails me now. Mom also went to wedding cakes and birthday cakes decoration. Christmas was the most profitable season that we barely could sit even in our living room.

Unfortunately, mom died of breast cancer in 1976. My sister Lorna and brother, Oscar took over the bakeshop business. They came up with new product lines. Lorna left for the US in 1986. Oscar died in 1999 and our bakeshop folded up in 2003 when our dad died in 2002.

Please note that Sally’s Bake Shop is not operational anymore but we plan to open in the future

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