Pork Siomai (steamed pork dumplings)


pork siomai
Pork Siomai (steamed pork dumplings) dimsum bites taste yummy with chili garlic sauce and kalamansi (Philippine lemon). Siomai is a dimsum of Chinese origin which is also quite common in the Philippines. I found this siomai stand at BC Buddies Dimsum Kitchen at the “Fil-negosyo” expo where the exhibitors showed off their products that you can go into business. I forgot how much it cost but I know they also offer siomai, wanton, shrimp dumpling, pork triangle puff, crab meat roll, pork siap, hakaw (shrimp puff), siopao, sharksfin dumpling, shrimp roll and more. The good thing is one doesn’t have to mae them. But how long is the shelf life? It’s kind of scary to hold so much inventory. But yes, the siomai was yummy except I find the “yellowish” wrapper quite unnatural.


Here is a recipe of Pork Siomai. CLICK HERE to get the recipe of Pork Siomai.


21 thoughts on “Pork Siomai (steamed pork dumplings)”

  1. I want to learn how to make pork siomai and siopao asado my family’s favorite.

  2. i want to learn how to make pork siomai because i want to add it on my canteen. please email me the recipe tnx!

  3. Hi! can u send me the recipe of this delicious looking siomai! it’my favorite. tried making it before pero palaging natatanggal yong wrapper. hope you can send it to me and give me tips on how the wrapper would not fall off after cooking. There’s a term na “MUKHANG MASARAP KAININ”‘ pag walang balat parang di na masarap. Thanks a lot!!!!

  4. hi! pls. send me the recipe of siomai,dumplings, wanton,and siopao.because i want to learn how to make a delicious dimsum…. thanks……

  5. hello,
    Likewise to them, I want to know too the recipe of pork siomai and other dimsum. This is all my fave food. Thanks

  6. i love soimai so much…especially with chile garlic paste..May God its awesome and i miss it so much but for I dont have any choice but to make one..Im thousand miles for our counrty…please please send me this great and mouth watering recipe of your on my email..Tnx once again…lol

  7. Hi, when I make siomai, the wrapper always do not adhere to the meat. Everytime after steaming i see the wrappers are just not clinging to the meat anymore. what are the techniques to for that.


  8. hi wer is ur recipe in pork siomai….?????????????hope u will post it coz i will also try thank u

  9. i always buy siopaos and siomai at joe kuan. cheap yet yummy! you can contact them at 365-3208 🙂

  10. I just have a research here about on how to make siomai and siopao, this is good for a business and children like it mmmm not just children but Filipinos love to eat it everyday, and with there entire life 😀 My family also love it.

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