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18th birthday cake by Claycakes

Jul 02

claycakesClaycakes :Custom Cake art for funky couples and debutantes. I’m posting this old photo of Lauren’s [tag]18th birthday[/tag] cake. Claycakes was just featured today and I’m really happy that Karla Magbanua, is still creating beautiful pieces of Custom Cake art. The [tag]18th birthday cake[/tag] of my daughter was a castle theme since her debutante theme was Medieval Age. Karla Magbanua is really an artist/ sculptor who ventured to cake design.. She customized the cake by adding Lauren’s siamese kitty . Each cake she designs is a work of art. Just take a look.

Clay cakes


The very moist chocolate cake came with a rich chocolate sauce. So yummy.

and the debutante herself:

lauren and her cake
The Filipino culture usually celebrate the 18th birthday of their daughter. My daughter chose to have a non-traditional debut but it was nevertheless enjoyable .

View more photos of Lauren’s debut party and her 18th birthday cake.

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  1. that cake is awsome i wish i could have one like that but my birthday was yesterday

  2. WOW, the cake is adorable and looks to good to eat!

    I especially love that you let your daughter have a non-traditional debut. I tried that with my parents but they thought I was weird and told me I’d enjoy my debut the traditional way. I contested, but they got me with the argument, “We’re paying for this party. When you get married you can make it as offbeat as you want cause you’ll be paying for it.”

    They made a good point (sadly).

    anyway, almost 5 months since my debut, I think I would’ve preferred a more casual/fun themed celebration. Kudos to you for allowing your daughter to celebrate her birthday(I assume) in the way she wanted !

  3. cynthia /

    how much? how long will it take?


  1. 18th birthday cake designs - [...] 18th birthday cake by Claycakes | Pinoy Recipes | Free Filipino … Nov 28, 2009 … The [tag]18th birthday…

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