Galapong Bigas (Food Processor Method)

Galapong Bigas is one of the basic ingredients in rice cake or Kakanin. Galapong is sold from regular rice (bigas) or sticky , glutinous rice (malagkit) and soaked overnight then ground. There is trapped wild yeast that cause the mixture to ferment and cause the rising of the rice cakes.

In the olden days, most homes had a stone grinder made of granite. Markets still sell stone grinders but for those that don’t have stone grinders, the food processor will do. Here is how to prepare Galapong Bigas using a food processor or blender.

1. For every cup of rice, add two cups of water. Soak rice in water overnight or a minimum of four hours.

2. Mill in the food processor or blender. Start with a small quantity, adding soaked rice little by little till you get the consistency of light dough.

3. Make sure the blender is filled to 1/3 of the capacity so machine won’t overheat.

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