Fresh Buko Vendor

fresh Buko vendorMeet Mang Al, the fresh buko vendor near the gate of our subdivision. While taking photos of the buko, he turned around so that his face would be captured by my camera. Now that’s one confident vendor. He likes to joke around and tells me that he will choose the best photo, the most beautiful buko just like me. haha, funny now. I told him “You will be seen in America” as my readers are mainly Filipino-Americans.

Anyway, I bought 15 pieces of buko yesterday. I buy it ahead of time because the price of buko shoots up on New Years Eve. The demand is just too high. It normally costs 17 pesos a piece but yesterday, each buko cost 22 pesos. They cut the husk for you and even offer to grate the coconut meat. I just wanted it chopped and the coconut water poured into our coleman water container. I brought a large basin (actually a batya) for the coconuts.

And here is the buko in the storage area.

When I passed by late this afternoon, the stock of fresh buko is almost gone. Everyone seems to be making Buko Salad.

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