Where to Buy Suman in Manila

Suman makes a great dessert for a traditional Noche Buena meal, or they can even be meals on their own if you don’t want to eat anything too heavy at that late hour. This sticky-rice pastry is wrapped in a banana leaf and eaten dipped in sugar or in hot chocolate. There are as many different kinds of suman as there are provinces in the Philippines since each region has its own variation of the pastry. In Metro Manila you can get suman in all sorts of flavors, from chocolate to ube-langka for about twenty to thirty pesos apiece.

Available in the Tiendesitas Food Market (Tita Lynn’s Flavored Suman) and the Salcedo Community Food Market (Bud-bud kabog).

Bud-bud Kabog at Salcedo Village Community Market every saturday mornings
They sell suman luya, suman cassava, suman buko, suman plain, suman guinataan, suman langka, suman tsokolate, suman biko and more…

Tita Lynn’s Flavored Suman at the Tiendesitas Food , Frontera Verde Pasig along E Rodriguez avenue

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