Turon na Saba


I had some left-over saba bananas from the Pochero so I turned it into turon saba a caramelized sweet Pinoy Merienda fare. The crisp dessert is such a delight.

Here is a recipe for Turon na Saba


12 pieces saba bananas
native lumpia wrapper
light brown sugar
flour and water to seal the edges
langka in slivers (optional)


1. Peel saba bananas
2. Prepare the lumpia wrappers to fit the peeled saba. Half a portion of the wrapper
3. The half wrapper will be used to roll the turon in case of breaks in the wrapper
4 . Roll the bananas in sugar.
5. if you want, add a sliver of langka on top of the saba
6. Roll the saba on the lumpia wrapper and double wrap if needed.

7. Pan fry gently the turon till these are caramelized and crispy. Drain to remove extra oil.


Isn’t that delicious?

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