Noche buena idea: Mario’s Callos Madrileña

What will you cook for noche buena? I know I will be cooking Paella, and the Hearty Patatas Riojana but I am adding a third dish , the Mario’s Restaurant Callos Madrileña . A few months ago, my husband and I had lunch buffet at the iconic Mario’s and they promised to share the Callos recipe with me. I am so thrilled I got hold of their recipe. Of course, you can always modify the recipe to suit your tastes.

Mario's Callos Madrileña

Callos a la Madrileña, or Callos for short is a stew that has Spanish origins and that is why it is one of our dishes during Noche Buena. It consists of beef tripe , chickpeas , bell peppers and chorizo sausage.

Here is the recipe as graciously shared by Mario’s Restaurant.

Ox Feet 875 grams
Ox Tripe 500 grams
Sliced Bacon 50 grams
Chorizo 50 grams
White Onions 50 grams
Red Bell Pepper 50 grams
Green Bell Pepper 50 grams
Garlic 5 grams
Tomato Paste 225 grams
Tomato Sauce 100 grams
SP Mix (salt & pepper) 2.5 tablespoons
Beef Broth 20 grams
Bay Leaves 2 pieces
Vino Blanco 2.5 teaspoons
Corn oil 3 tablespoons
Olive oil 1 teaspoon

Yield: 5-6 portions


1. Clean ox feet and tripe very well, and then boil for 5 minutes. Then drain
2. Boil again until tender.
3. Drain and put the broth aside
4. Cut the ox feet and tripe into 1-inch cubes
5. Slice the onions, green and red bell peppers into cubes, slice the bacon and chorizo
6. Heat the oil, put the bacon; remove bacon when almost cooked
7. Put in garlic, chorizo, onions, green and red peppers, bacon; add tomato paste, tomato sauce, ox tripe and feet.
8. Add the soup stock (from earlier boiling). Season with bay leaves, salt and pepper to taste
9. Boil for three hours. Mix well and taste.

For serving:

1. Heat callos in very little soup stock. Fire should be on low heat.
2. When heated through, add vino blanco and ½ tsp olive oil.
3. Serve in oval ceramic container and top with ½ tsp olive oil.

Now if you can’t find the time to prepare Callos, then you can just order the Callos at Mario’s Restaurant

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Telephone number: +63 2 372 0360

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