Special Mamon (Filipino Yellow Sponge Cake)

One of mom’s specialties in her Sally’s Bake Shop was Special Mamon or what Americans commonly call as Yellow Sponge Cake. Customers raved about the creamy and soft texture of mom’s Special Mamon. My sister shared this Mamon recipe which reminds me of Goldilock’s special mamon recipe. According to my sister, this is Minna PicacheRead More

How to bake Queso de bola Cheesecake

Indeed what is Christmas or New Year in the Philippines without Queso de bola (Edam)? Our Spanish colonizers probably brought the festive ball of cheese hundreds of years ago but the cheese is originally from Holland. My friend who married a Dutch claims that the brand “Marca PiƱa” manufactures this round ball exclusively for theRead More

Torta Cebuana

Before Mommy and Daddy opened up the bakeshop sometime in 1965, one of Mommy’s early baking teachers was Mrs. Noval, who lived in Banawa. As a kid, I do recall going with Mommy to this home. Memories of Refrigerator Cake that Mommy made might have been influenced by Mrs. Noval. One of my favorite recipesRead More

Cheese Cupcake

Cheese cupcakes is now sold commercially in supermarkets for kids to bring as “baon” to school. It is not quite the same Cheese cupcake mom used to bake in our bakeshop. Cheese cupcakes are supposed to have that distinct “cheese” taste. Here is a recipe that will surely give you that tasty cheesy cupcake. IngredientsRead More

Wickedly-tasty Halloween recipes

Next to Christmas , Halloween has got to be the most awaited holiday for my growing kids. During those internet-less days, I scrounged around for ideas from magazines just to make Halloween day wickedly fun. I served food with orange color themes, and even decorated my home with pumpkins and ghouls. After the trick orRead More