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Lechon Paella for Filipino Christmas Lunch

Dec 27

lechon paella
If you’re inviting over a large number of family members and friends for Christmas dinner and have no time to prepare all that food for them, consider ordering an entire lechon paella. Lechon paella is a succulent, roasted, boneless young pig stuffed with hot, seafood paella, make the whole fare a meal in itself. The whole lechon can feed a group of about twenty people with healthy appetites and you might even have some left over for paksiw.

Lydia’s Lechon is famous all over the Philippines for their boneless lechon paella. The smallest lechon (13-14 kgs, which can feed 40 people) costs 7,500 pesos; the 28kg lechon paella goes for 11,500 pesos. With over 20 branches in Metro Manila, you can pick up your lechon paella at one nearest you on Christmas day itself. Our family always orders a small lechon for Christmas or New Year and it’s a big hit among our relatives. Even the vegetarians in the family are happy because they’ve got the delicious seafood paella to chow on.

The paella is just delicious.

lechon paellalechon paella

For more information on the price list and their other specialties, visit the Lydia’s Lechon website.

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  1. ok na ty sa inyo

    jindas last blog post..Jc’s Site

  2. i didn’t know about this lechon paella. thanks for blogging it :)

  3. WTF. what “vegetarian” eats seafood cooked inside a pig!? Filipino vegetarians I guess… haha


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