Asado siopao (Steamed dumplings)

My daughter took a bite from the asado siopao that her dad bought for her. “Can I take a photo first?”, I asked. My hubby goes, ” her teethmarks show”. This Asado siopao was bought from Emperor’s Palace restaurant in Binondo, Manila. I prefer the Asado siopao over the bola-bola especially if the filling contains salted egg. Commercial siopao tends to have so much bread in proportion to the filling. The ideal ratio would be 50-50.

Kakanin, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, suman atbp

kakanin or rice cakesThis afternoon, I went to Makati Cinema Sqauare at Pasong Tamo Extension to buy some printer ink catridges when I bumped into this kakanin stall at the basement. The pretty display of our native rice delicacies (the kakanin) drew my attention. The vendor had practically everything from [tag]Kakanin[/tag], puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, kalamay bibingka, Puto ng Biñan, maja blanca, bico,and more. I chose the ube kalamay.

Kakanin as a type of food stems from multi-dimensional meanings– from the root word kanin (rice) as a noun or kanin (to eat) as a verb. With the prefix of “ka”, kakanin describes many kinds of rice recipes meant to be eaten as snacks or the many ways of cooking snacks or desserts to celebrate the harvest of the Philippine Islands. source

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18th birthday cake by Claycakes

claycakesClaycakes :Custom Cake art for funky couples and debutantes. I’m posting this old photo of Lauren’s [tag]18th birthday[/tag] cake. Claycakes was just featured today and I’m really happy that Karla Magbanua, is still creating beautiful pieces of Custom Cake art. The [tag]18th birthday cake[/tag] of my daughter was a castle theme since her debutante theme was Medieval Age. Karla Magbanua is really an artist/ sculptor who ventured to cake design.. She customized the cake by adding Lauren’s siamese kitty . Each cake she designs is a work of art. Just take a look.

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