Spaghetti Carbonara

I normally cook Creamy Carbonara but here is a recipe for those that can’t stand creamy pasta sauce. Here is the traditional Spaghetti Carbonara recipe which tastes just as heavenly as creamy carbonara.


500 grams spaghetti
6 quarts salted boiling water
1 tablespoons vegetable oil


1. Add spaghetti noodles to salted boiling water, bring water back to a boil.
2. Cook spaghetti until Al Dent (barely tender) about 6-8 minutes (Tasting is the only way to test doneness. Never overcook pasta)
3. Add oil during the last 2 minutes. To keep spaghetti from sticking together wen it is drained.
4. Drain but leave hot, ready to use.


6-8 slices lean bacon, cut into large pieces
1 tablespoon olive oil
2- 3 small pieces garlic, minced (I prefer more garlic)
4 egg whites
2-3 tablespoons Coarsely grated Parmesan cheese
Freshly grated black pepper to taste.

1. Cook bacon in olive oil crisp in moderate heat. If bacon is excessively fatty, pour off some of the bacon fat.

2.Add garlic during the last minute of cooking.

3. Working quickly, blend hot bacon-garlic sauce into hot spaghetti noodles in heated serving bowl.

4. Work in eggs quickly with grated cheese, tossing spaghetti.

5. Add pepper to taste.

6. Eggs will harden from the heat of the fat and spaghetti.

7. Serve at once. Delicious with Tossed green Salad and your favorite wine.

18 thoughts on “Spaghetti Carbonara

  1. cake

    if i opt for a creamy carbonara, what should i do? 🙂

  2. cook boy

    its my presentation day tomorrow what should i do

  3. cj

    Hi,although there is still a month to prepare before my baby’s 7th birthday, I have to decide now what food will I prepare. I’m thinking of including carbonara on the menu. Could anybody tell me where to find the best carbonara recipe.

  4. neil

    hi cj. i hope u dnt mind but i dnt recommend you to prepare carbonara on ur baby’ bday.

    nevertheless, f u still want to have it on the occasion, email me at [email protected] and i will give you the recipe.

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  6. marian

    nice receipe. I thought carbonara to be creamy but this one is not. thanks for sharing.

    marians last blog post..UFO???

  7. marian

    nice receipe. thanks for sharing.

  8. Honey M. C.

    you have a good recipe..continue this so that many filipinos will know how to cook filipino foods! God Bless and more power to your website!

  9. chicnessismyweakness

    I love this!! I use the exact same recipe. Thanks.

  10. arianne

    to make creamier, add all purpose cream.

  11. imee

    i wanted to cook a very simple carbonara with a simple recipe…that can be bought only from a public market coz of low budget with a good carbonara can anyone help me about this …thanks a lot!!!!

  12. issa

    I know how to make creamy carbonara but i just check out to see if dirs a new recipe. I rily love carbonara eversince my mom cooked it and rily look forward cooking it for my son’s birthday.

  13. sally anne

    im looking for a good recipe that is simple and easy to prepare for our outing..maybe i should go for cabonara aside from ilonggos mouth watering dishes ..

  14. lorie

    u could use a pack of knorr cream of mushroom (dissolve in lukewarm/tap water), add some all purpose cream (depending on how creamy u want it to be) for the “sauce”.

  15. lorie

    u could use a pack of knorr mushroom soup dissolve in lukewarm/tap water, let it simmer in low-medium heat till it thickens then add some all purpose cream. upon reaching desired thickness, u could add up the cooked pasta. hope this helps.

  16. Vina

    If ur in the phil there’s ths del m0nte already made carb0nara sauce jst 4 php25, u cn add bac0nette by marty’s its a chip tastes exactly like bac0n.

  17. wendy

    my sister is in italy we cooked carbona this way also but instead of white egg we used the more yolk then eggwhites

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