Lechon Paksiw


lechon paksiw
We had a lot of leftovers of Lechon (Roasted Pig). What did we do with the leftovers? Well, we cut them up to small pieces and placed them in freezer bags for storage. The following day, I cooked Lechon Paksiw which is just as delicious.

To cook Paksiw, follow this recipe:

1 kilo of leftover lechon meat (with skin)
1/4 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup lechon sauce (Use Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce or the sauce provided by the Lechon supplier)
1/2 head garlic, crushed
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon pepper corn
1 laurel or bay leaf

1. Mix together the above ingredients except the bay leaf.

2. Boil.

3. Lower heat, simmer until the meat is tender.

4. Add more water as needed.

5. Add the bay leaf.

6. Serve Hot.

What I like about Lechon Paksiw is the skin.


15 thoughts on “Lechon Paksiw”

  1. you can also use left over Lechon Manok for this recipe… Or buy a lechon manok intended to make a lechon paksiw.. Try it, you’ll love it… It tastes just the same…

  2. I like your recipe. It’s so easy to prepare as a working wife.As an OFW i always look by internet the filipino recipe.I always love filipino lutong bahay.And as a newly wed i want to serve a delicious filipino cuisine. I’m not really good cook i just learn only when i got married.Please send some of the filipino recipe that i don’t know how to cook.I request some of the recipe.


    I hope you can answer my request.

    Thanks & more power.

    Mrs.Jasmin Guinto-Taguiam

  3. Can I just use regular pork? I don’t know where to get roasted pork or chicken here in Pennsylvania..

    ~’Lil Cebuana~

  4. This is very helpful, i tired it with the left over roasted pig and it worked like a charm. May I add that the longer you boil it the better the taste is.

  5. hello! thanks for this recipe! my mom asked me to cook this for dinner tonight and i have no idea how to do so! i’ll just follow what you posted. thanks again. 🙂

  6. Where tryin’ it now here @ SG…. Thanks for the recipe, helped us a lot esp now, even we r married for years, we r cooking finally for our own…

  7. Will try this for our leftover lechon kambing.Sana bumagay ang timpla sa kambing…????

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