Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

lasagnaSomething to cook for Valentine’s day. My husband’s favorite pasta dish has got to be lasagna. Whenever we have guests, he makes this special request and I tell him that it gets to be boring. Well, I think lasagna is an all-time favorite for most pinoys. Lasagna involves three steps: The tomato meat sauce, boiling the pasta and the preparation of the bechamel sauce.

Let’s make the Bechamel sauce first:


3/4 cup butter
1/4 cup flour
2 cans evaporated milk (i can is equivalent to 225 ml or 1 cup)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Cooking the Bechamel Sauce

1. Melt butter in a pan.

2. Blend in flour until bubbly.
bechamel sauce making

3. Gradually stir in evaporated milk

4. Cook until bubbly and a bit thick. Make sure not to burn the milk by lowering the flame.

5. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg
bechamel sauce

6. Set aside.

Now the Tomato Meat sauce


1 box lasagna pasta (500 grams)
3/4 kilo ground beef
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup butter
4 cloves garlic, crushed
6 tablespoon white wine (optional)
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/3 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoon basil leaves, shredded
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 cans tomato paste (150 grams each) dissolved in 1 cup beef broth or water
shredded mozzarella cheese to add in between layers and for topping

To cook the Tomato Meat sauce

1. Heat olive oil and butter.

2. Brown the garlic, add the onions and cook until soft.

3. Put in the ground beef, wine, and spice
saute meat

4. Allow to cook for a while then pour in the beef broth (1 cup) and tomato paste mixture.

5. Simmer gently until thick. A little flour may be needed to thicken the suace.

6. Set aside.

Prepare the pasta
lasagna box

1. Boil 9 lasagna pasta based on the cooking directions in the box. The directions says “boil for 9 minutes”
boil pasta

2. Plunge in cold water.

3. Dry on Towel. Set aside.
lasagna pasta

Arrange in the pyrex dish

1. Grease a rectangular dish (around 10 inches x 7inches) with butter.

2. Pour 1/3 of bechamel sauce.

3. Arrange a layer of pasta. Spoon in tomato meat sauce and sprinkle with cheese.
lasagna pasta

4. Repeat number 3. End with bechamel sauce on the top layer.
tomato meat sauce

5. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
before baking

6. Bake 350 F until golden brown.

7. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes to set.

35 thoughts on “Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

  1. Fritz

    Now I have to have lasagna for V-Day. Have to! XD

  2. i am fully satisfied i made it to saudi family here in the kingdom.

    try it and taste it,i feel am in 5 star restaurant.

  3. Jessica

    Im looking for the perfect lasagna to make for my family. hopefully this is the one. Questions, though. There were two “1 tsp salt” entries in the tomato sauce ingredients, and the instructions on making the tomato sauce said something about beef broth that’s not in the ingredients. How much beef broth do I need? And by 2 cans evap milk, do you mean the big can? Thanks! I look forward to fixing this meal for my family this weekend.

  4. lovetocook

    what’s the white thing called?(the one after the bechamel sauce is placed in the pryex?)is it cream? thank you very much.

  5. weee

    this is great!!! lasagna !!!!!

  6. sylvia

    My sister called from Princeton and asked how i cook paella. I got curious because i realize that I never cooked paella…ever. I searched for a recipe of paella and wow! there is a lot of other good tasting recipes in your site. i know it just by the lists of ingredients…got to go and cook at once. my tastes buds are stimulated. i will keep you posted with the result.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. theresa lim

    i want to make this recipe this weekend. i have a question though. how many teaspoon of salt ba yung dapat add to my tomato paste sauce? and how about the beef broth? thanks!

  8. Grace

    Sounds yummy! Will try this recipe tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks!

    Graces last blog post..Pay Yourself First

  9. [...] didn’t know that it would taste this good! Thanks to for this wonderful recipe! ...
  10. Grace


    Tried this last Sunday and it was awesome. Linked to this page too on my blog! 🙂


    Graces last blog post..Cheesy Lasagna

  11. akiko

    I tried making your Bechamel sauce, it was delicious! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  12. miasam


    I was just wondering, how big is the can for the evaporated milk for the bechamel sauce? And you mentioned about the beef broth, how many cups? It’s not mentioned in the ingredients you listed.

    I can’t wait to make this lasagna, I’m pregnant and I’m really craving for something like this =)

    Hope you can clarify.

    Thanks a lot

  13. noemi

    1 can is equivalent to 1 cup or 225 ml of evaporated milk

    beef broth is around 1 cup

  14. Liz

    Wow wow wow! I cant wait to try this.

  15. Kit

    I will be attempting this today, hope it would be as great as it seems. Thanks for the recipe!! 😉

  16. morgan

    Hey, it would be great if you had printer-friendly versions of each recipe.

  17. Rocky Garcia

    Lasagna is one of my favorite Italian food. The first picture looks very attractive to me. I’ll go to the mall and buy lasagna now, just don’t have the time to make it.

  18. Mj

    I’ve been looking for a superb recipe of lasagna with bechamel sauce..and when i spotted this site, i got excited!!! I’m gonna try this for my boyfriend’s birthday on the really looks good and yummy!!! thanks!

  19. quelly

    what f i can;’t finf any nutmeg??..what would i replace it with?..

  20. MommY Chu

    I was looking for recipes to cook for Christmas and I found this site. I have been cooking lasagna before and dont want to do it often because it was costly and hard to prepare.

    This time i wanted to do this again with a certain twist . I will surely try this one with your bechamel sauce. Hope my family and loved ones will love it !

  21. cathy

    for those who have already tried this recipe, pls let me know your feedbacks. Was it good? thanks!

  22. romeo joe quintero

    for how many servings is the recipe that you post?
    because, we are also going to bake lasagna for our school project, and where 16 in the group, can this recipe will be exact to us and to our teachers? so please tell me , because we are going to bake on monday ..

    and i also want to thanks the one who post this recipe, thank you so much, and i admire your cooking skill 😀 hehe .. thanks again,

    by the way, this is my email,
    [email protected] .. and can you also give me some tips and techniques to cook it easy and fast ? thank you, and i admire you so much . thanks again 🙂

    take care ..

  23. Gravy Maven

    Sounds like a good recipe. I just found a recipe for spinach lasagna roll-ups by Liscio’s. Good veggie option.

  24. marlyn

    i tried this twice already and my family and friends loved it..and my friends want me to make another one for my daughter’s 9th month bday..haha!! tnx so mch for sharing this recipe..;))

  25. fez

    how many servings po ito?

  26. Jainnie

    Thank you so much for the recipe! It tastes sooo good! My brother who doesn’t eat lasagna had two big servings =)

    Kaya lang, you forgot to include onions and beef stock sa ingredients =)

  27. Jainnie

    Thank you so much for the recipe! Tastes very good!! My brother who doesn’t eat lasagna had two big servings!

    Although, you forgot to put onions and beef broth/stock in the ingredients =)

  28. Maria

    I just got done putting mine in the oven. I’m sure it will taste good. I have been preparing lasagna using the ricotta cheese mixture but my kids don’t really like it. They are still looking for the “white sauce” that they were accustomed to. My son tried the bechamel sauce and he couldn’t wait for the lasagna to be done. Thanks again for posting this recipe. The photos and instructions were a lot of help.

  29. Jaymie

    Tried this today. Really good! Thanks!

  30. edelweiza

    sounds delicious! will try cooking this at home for Mother’s Day! 🙂

  31. OSeñorita

    I never knew that lasagna is that easy to make.Thanks for sharing your recipe. I will certainly try this recipe.

  32. jon

    Thank you for sharing. never thought that lasagna can be cook that easily. great taste as well

  33. rhain

    thanks for this my ever wanted bechamel sauce in lasagna… my boys had truely loved!

  34. Isabel

    Where do you get the beef broth?? The 1 cup mentioned with the tomato paste mixture in your list of ingredients was WATER.

  35. sunflower oil

    Is sunflower oil a good type of oil for sensitive (dry) skin. Why do you think someone can be allergic to almond oil, shea butter, olive oil, basically every type of oil when applied topically on the skin – except the sunflower oil? Is this oil perhaps more gentle? Thanx.

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