Perfect Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake
The perfect chocolate cake has just the right amount of that chocolate-ness and fudge icing. I often bake this cake during birthday celebrations. Sometimes my relatives order this cake but I avoid baking for profit. I bake out of love.

Here I will share the cake recipe and the fudge icing.

The Chocolate Cake Recipe


Mix A- Mix below

1 cup Hershey’s Cocoa
2 cups Boiling water

(mix the above till smooth then cool)

Mix B- Mix well in plastic

2 3/4 cups sifted all purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

– Prepare the rest of the ingredients below

1 cup butter, softened
2 1/2 cups brown sugar
4 pieces eggs
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1. Cream butter; add sugar gradually. (Make sure butter is soft when starting to cream). Cream till light and fluffy.

2. At low speed, add eggs, one piece at a time, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Add vanilla.

3. Add Mix B in fourths and Mix A in thirds alternately, ending with Mix B.

4. Bake at 350 F for 25-30 minutes in two or three 9″ round layer pans. Cool 10 minutes. Turn out onto wire rack.

5. Add fudge icing (see recipe below) to the top of one layer then combine the two layers to ice the whole cake.

The Fudge Icing
( Not advisable for inexperienced bakers. Use the other recipe below)


1 can condensed mik
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 cup butter

1. Mix milk and cocoa with wire whisk or wooden spoon until smooth. Strain through a wire strainer.

2. Cook mixture in double boiler. Stir occasionally- when thick, remove from fire and add butter thoroughly.

3. Add desired flavor.

4. Use this icing right away. Keep bowl in double boiler to maintain warmth.

Other notes

1. You can decrease the cocoa down to 1/3 cup.
2. Icing starts getting thick when you see thick icing clinging to the sides of the bowl. Continually scrape sides of bowl until icing becomes very thick.
3. Do not over cook or else you will have a fudge candy.

Another Fudge Icing Recipe

3/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup evaporated milk ( or 2/3 cup evaporated milk + 1/3 cup water)
1 Tablespoon butter

1. Mix sugar, cocoa, cornstarch and milk making sure there are no lumps.

2. Cook until thick.

3. Take away from fire and add butter and vanilla. Mix well

(Tip from Lisa, a reader: It should be noted that the icing should be cooked over the lowest heat, stirring constantly until it is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon without dripping. The icing does thicken as it cools so it must be stirred every now and to prevent a film from forming on the top. It may take a couple of times to learn when to stop cooking it, but I think it’s well worth the effort. )

Update– It seems most of the readers can’t get to make fudge icing the right way. I will give you another chocolate icing recipe to use called Easy Chocolate Icing

1/2 bar of butter, softened
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 cups powdered sugar (confectioners’ sugar)

4 tablespoons (more or less) HOT water (boiling hot water preferred)


1. Cut in margarine with cocoa, salt and powdered sugar until it resumes the size of cornmeal

2. Add water, 2 tablespoons at a time mixing until smooth.


*The icing can be used to simply frost or pipe out designs on the cakes. Just add more powdered sugar.

* It is very important to sieve the sugar before using

93 thoughts on “Perfect Chocolate Cake

  1. Sarah Galicia

    Really the PERFECT CHOCOLATE CAKE recipe i have ever tested. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this very good recipe of yours. My son Ahmad love it so much. He even helped me prepared it…very easy to follow instructions. Hoping you can share more great recipes……..
    More power to you and may GOD bless you always.

  2. noemi

    @sarah- i am glad the recipe worked for you. Yes, I will write more recipes that I have personally tested.

  3. Sarah

    Thank you so much…I’ll be waiting for your great ideas.

  4. Tina

    Thanks for this Noemi! I’ve been planning to bake a double layer chocolate cake this year and this might be the one cake recipe that will make me do just that. πŸ˜€ I’ll make sure to try this out. πŸ˜€

  5. Connie

    I made this cake & it was a bit bitter but I think it has something to do with the cocoa I used but it was beautiful… Love it!!!
    I hope you post more recipes. Do you have ube recipe cake?

  6. noemi

    @connie- did you use Hershey’s?

  7. ky

    i tried this recipe and i loved it! especially the icing! it tastes just like goldilock’s…maybe even better! the cake itself was a little dry (according to my dad & sis) but i could always add more butter i guess….i also recommend doubling the recipe for icing to cover a double layer cake…thanks for the recipe again!

  8. Melody

    hi Noami!

    I try to bake my first cake yesterday using your recipe, the taste is great, my mom love it, i use the chocolate lover cocoa, it turns out neat. the problem i had was my cake wasn’t that fine. I already mix it for like 30mins. what should i do? any tips? thanks your recipe is a success! hope you’ll write more cake recipe soon!

  9. honey

    im actually into baking ryt now and i would like to try this chocolate cake recipe of yours! m sure this wud be great!

  10. anna

    Naomi,can we try cadbury cocoa powder instead of hershey`s(couldn`t find any here in Uk…Hope you will post more cake recipes such as mocha,ube,etc…cheers and mabuhay to your great talent in baking/cooking!!!

  11. Arc

    What’s wanter? Is that a typo or am I just very very stupid…

    I want to make this cake for friends and family so I want to know before trying it–I dont want them trying something very very weird tasting.. hehe

  12. noemi

    yes you can substitue with any cocoa powder. I think Hershey is more of an American brand. I will try to add more cake recipes if I have time. Thanks for visiting.

  13. noemi

    sorry that was water. It is not a weird taste at all. Very chocolatey.

  14. Luisa

    hey! you’re such a life saver! i always wanted to know how to make pinoy fudge icing… but the thing is, mine wasn’t able to thicken to ‘pipping consistency’, well… i tried to pipe it anyhow and it ended up losing its shape and looking like a blobby mess! HELP! should i add cream and beat it? i want to be able to pipe the sides as you have. sorry for the hassle. you’re a true lifesaver!

  15. Luisa

    hi! great recipe! but how do u get it to pipe properly without collapsing [fudge frosting]

  16. noemi

    just make sure the fudge icing is thick. You know when it is thick

  17. Halley


    Have you used something to make the fudge icing thick enough to be piped, and won’t melt? I’ve always wanted to make a pipable frosting just like yours. Hope you can help me out. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    Halleys last blog post..Mom’s Bday (Revel Bars)

  18. Happy baker

    I tried your chocolate cake recipe and ITS JUST DIVINE!! however I am having problems with the icing. first time it was undercooked so it dripped . . .a bit runny then the second time it costed me a whisk, it became too sticky and gummy – bent my wire whisk added evap and butter to make it spreadable but still it gathers at the bottom. what should I do? the taste is perfect but when I frost the sides it doesnt stay and gathers at the bottom please advice [email protected]

  19. Happy baker

    Hello thanks for this perfect recipe. I made it twice and it was great but I am having trouble with the icing. First time it was undercooked so the Icing was a bit runny and dripped second time it was gummy and still dripped and gathers at the bottom. It doesnt stay on the sides as it should and eventually ends up at the bottom. is the recipe complete? should i incorporate eggyolk or flour to thicken it or condensed milk too heavy? what should I do? [email protected]

  20. noemi

    Sorry you haven’t been able to make the fudge icing. I have edited the recipe above with an alternative icing called “Easy CHocolate Icing”. Hope that works out for you.

  21. Ann C.

    It’s a boring, snowy & cold Sunday and I’m about ready to bake your PERFECT CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! just waiting for the butter to soften. Wish me luck! I’ll post result later πŸ™‚

  22. Ann C.

    YUMMMY!!! My husband had the first slice!! It’s so Philippines!!! The smell, the taste just reminds us of the typical chocolate cake we all grew up eating & loving.
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! This will be added in my recipe box!

    Merry Christmas!

    Ann C.
    New York

  23. Fatima P.

    Yummy! i will try this soon. wish me luck. i love baking. im so excited.

  24. Cecile Yap

    Hi I am a food enthusiasts. Your recipe was great especially the icing, I didn’t use 3 baking pans I used 1 pc. 10×10 round pan and it was good. Thank you for sharing. . . Is it okay if ask a plain donut recipe with a yeast or the cake donut. I hope you can share again. . . Cecille Yap

    Cecile Yaps last blog post..If GOD LOVE US. . . Why people are Suffering ?

  25. gelline

    The Choc Cake was nice… the icing was too sweet… maybe because i put too much on it…hehehe… anyway, my brother is still eating and finishing his piece now… try it with a whip squirty cream it will blow your mouth off… my brother calls it CHUCKY… he’s the chucky monster…hehehe… is there a way to unsweeten the icing? reduce sugar? of course… my brother still wants another one… combined it with Durian and Coke then you’ll forget your name… thats all from me… Gelline UK

  26. gelline

    im not a cake or food enthusiasts but i only love chocolate cake…

    moist cake is what i really want and i think this is a very good recipe… make more…

    theres more eaters here… eating machines like my little boy… Gelloy… The best chucky he’s mixing the cake with water in a glass.. stirring it …


  27. abigael

    My husband loved it! It tasted like goldilocks’..
    Next time I’ll add marshmallows
    So it would be really identical with
    Goldilocks’ cake..I’m looking
    For that kind of cake here in canada but haven’t
    Found one until I made it myself..really
    Happy with the result!!

  28. Amor

    I’m searching for a good or a great chocolate cake recipe and I found your recipe. I will try it as soon as possible. What kind of salt I will used? Is it iodized or rock salt? Can I ask why other chocolate cake recipe has sour cream? Is there a big difference in taste? If I don’t have powdered sugar can I used regular sugar to your easy chocolate icing? Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. More power and God bless.
    ……..waiting for your reply.

  29. len

    which fudge icing did you use that tasted like goldilocks? the one with the condense or the evaporated one?

  30. charryly

    hi thanks for sharing your recipe… i raelly do love baking but every time i bake a chocolate cake, the cake itself is a bit hard… what can i do to make it soft and moist? thanks in advance:-) God bless:-)

  31. Jenny

    Hi! I tried making this recipe and its super good… Thanks a lot for sharing this to us. I hope you have mocha cake recipe too…

  32. eunice

    hi! this is my first time making cake then it turns beautiful chocolate cake and i use cocoa powder coz hershey is expensive heheheheh.its my sister birthday and its my first time to bake cake and im happy that my chocolate cake was succesful thank u very much mwahhhhhh …….

  33. eunice

    hi this is eunice i would like to ask if u have black forest cake recipe coz ,,,i love to bake from now on they all appreciate my cake …thank u very much… send me a message if u recve this thank u many thank u

  34. nancy

    HI noemi, ttried your choco cake and its the best recipe ive ever tried. But, do have some concerns here. Have a hard time to soften the butter so i try to micro it first before using. Is there a difference. Second when i cooked the icing, i cooked the butter with the choco and all, whats the difference if you put it last? My 2 daughters loved it, the taste is very pinoy.But i hope to perfect the frosting coz the 1 i made was quite stiff. Thanks for your pinoy recipes. Is very helpful.

  35. myla miranda

    I loved that recipe
    all of your comments are positive i will try your choc. cake tomorrow together w/ my friend we loved to make experiments especially in cooking and baking hope this recipes will worked for us…pls. wish me luck in putting icing… this is my 1st tym ever…
    i wish this recipe will be same as susie’s delicacy,,,the famous delicacies here in pampanga
    i’m so excited to try it out…
    gobless more power to you….

  36. Bianca

    Hi i wanna try this and make it as a present to my Dad for Father’s Day. I just have a question. Can I use Cake Flour instead of all purpose flour? If so, will there be a difference to its texture or taste? Thank you so much I hope you could respond to me as soon as possible =)

  37. mai

    im baking this recipe for fathers day..
    actually,this is the same recipe i’ve got when im baking my chocomoist.
    BUT diffrent procedure..
    for the icing,how do u know if its already done,i got my icng ending up hard.
    thanks.god bless


  38. mai

    it was perfectly done last father’s day..the best moist cake.

  39. jane

    ok but make sure its a delicious

  40. agnes

    i want to learn how to make fondant cake please teach me, waiting for your reply. thanks.

  41. Missy

    Hi everyone, which icing taste like goldilocks, condensed milk or evaporated milk? Please let me know. Thanks.

  42. baby

    pwede po bang steam ito. kung pwede gaano kalakas ang apoy at ilang oras. kaiklangan bang takpan yung cake kapag inisteam?

  43. dennise

    hi.. i want to ask which icing tastes like goldilocks? i really miss that cake.. thanks so much!

  44. arlene

    hello!!! tried your chocolate fudge cake and it was verrrrrry yummmmmyyyyy!!! not sweet according to my husband and the fudge icing i used is the one with sugar icing and butter only and it came absolutely verrry good. Thank you soooo much….

  45. jilla

    hi i would like to ask what to do you mean when you say Add Mix B in fourths and Mix A in thirds alternately, ending with Mix B? thanks so much

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  47. tagabacolod

    Thank you for this recipe! Yum! I posted some photos in my blog. πŸ™‚
    .-= tagabacolod´s last blog ..Another Moist Chocolate Cake Experiment =-.

  48. jilla

    hello id like to ask how long do you usually cook the icing? the one with condensed milk,cocoa and butter ingredients πŸ™‚ tnx a lot

  49. Judy Morantte

    i’m baking this cake this weekend. i’d like to know if you also have a sugar-free recipe for chocate cakes & icing? my daughter loves chocolate cakes but we have to watch on her sugar. hope to hear from you soon. thanks!

  50. Rosemarie Ganzon

    I baked this cake for my daughter Alyssa’s 3rd Birthday, and my baby sister’s Birthday. It was soo delicious. Everyone loved it. I myself loved the fudge icings – with the condensed and evaporated milk. But I must admit I got a little tired from stirring when I was making the icing. But it was all worth it. Thank you very much for sharing this great recipe.

    Btw, the cake was a little dry. Is there anything I can add to make it a little moist?

    Thank you!

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