Cheese Cupcake

Cheese cupcakes is now sold commercially in supermarkets for kids to bring as “baon” to school. It is not quite the same Cheese cupcake mom used to bake in our bakeshop. Cheese cupcakes are supposed to have that distinct “cheese” taste. Here is a recipe that will surely give you that tasty cheesy cupcake.


1 bar margarine (225 grams)
2/3 cup white sugar
grated cheese (around 125 grams/ less than half a box of 225 grams cheese pack. Leave some for toppings)
4 pieces whole eggs
2 cans condensed milk
5 cups all purpose flour
Vanilla flavor (mix with milk)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda

1. Cream margarine and sugar until light, at low speed then high speed.

2. Add cheese to creamed mixture, at low speed.

3. Add eggs in 3 stages.

4. Add milk and flour alternately, starting and ending with flour, at low speed.

5. If creamed mixture curdles, add a little flour to make it smooth.

6. If the final cake batter is THIN, add some flour to get the right thick consistency.

7. When cupcakes are almost cooked, take out of oven for a while and add grated cheese on top.

8. Bake at 375 F for 20- 30 minutes.

This cupcake is not expected to rise in volume. It is compact and heavy

29 thoughts on “Cheese Cupcake

  1. rush

    quick question: what type of cheese works best for this recipe?

  2. noemi

    I just use cheddar or filled cheese

  3. Flor

    question: what kind of milk do I mix with the vannila flavour?

  4. raquel

    how much milk do i have to put? tks

  5. raquel

    how much milk do i have to put..tks

  6. noemi

    2 cans condensed milk.

  7. diosylyn

    can i use butter instead of margarine? ans can i bake this recipe using oven toaster since i don’t have an oven? if yes what is the right temperature for the oven toaster and how many minutes to cook this..many thanks to you…

  8. gemma

    likewise, i would like to use oven toaster in making cupcakes. im being addicted in cupcakes (commercial) these past few days!!! could you also send me homemade recipes for cupcakes & icing. thanks a lot!

  9. noemi

    vanilla is just a flavoring. Add 1 teaspoon.

  10. mich

    hi, i am looking for the recipe for cheese pie sold usually in small stores in manila. it was sold in a paper plate, wrapped in clear plastic. the cheese pie was sliced into wedges, almost like a pizza, was about 1/2 inch thick, and had a chewy texture.

    would this recipe be similar?

  11. almonds

    i’m looking for this kind of chizpie too. sometimes it’s called chiz bars. i hope somebody can share a recipe. mich, don’t forget to share w/ me if u happen to find the recipe.

  12. Leslie

    Mich, did you ever find the recipe to the cheese “pie”? My sister and I have been looking for it forever!

  13. efleda

    The directions were incomplete for people that have not seen or tasted this.

  14. Helen

    Hi, can you upload some photos so i have an idea? Is the taste is similar to cupkeyk product of the Philippines? The one you find at the supermarkets?

  15. rachel

    375deg is too much. After 15mins, the cupcake is almost burned.

    There’s something wrong with the recipe. The cupcake is so dry and after a day its so hard.

  16. jay

    please if anyone has the recipe for the flat cheese pie, email me naman! My pregnant sister is craving for it everyday….

  17. Ann

    rachel, 375 degrees F is equal to 150 degress C. Use 150 for your oven…. Preheat the oven for 5 to 10 mins. Before putting the cheesecakes.

  18. Carol

    Hi there…wondering if you ever found a recipe to the Filipino Cheese Pie, dense,flat and yummy! Please forward to me. Thanks.

  19. Kris

    The local cheesepie is sold at greenhills theatre mall. Its momilo mio! The ones sold at school canteens. Yummy!

  20. joanne

    can i use butter instead of margarine?

  21. chel

    I have made this last night because buying my kids snacks is costly. I have used the exact measurement listed and the batter was so heavy that my mixer nearly overheated. i have to do something before waisting the preparation when baked. 8 added half a cup of milk to make the batter smooth. the outcome was soft and very tasty. 6ummy!

  22. jing jing

    May I ask, about the milk in the recipe, are you sure its condensed cause your mixture will become so sweet,there is already a sugar on it

  23. sham

    hi I’ve tried doing this and we looooove it… it’s sooo yummy my kid loves it and I am baking again for his bday.. thanks

  24. Jhoy

    question: how many cupcakes will be made from this recipe? or the number of product?

  25. enka

    kindly send the cheese cake (philipino style) receipe..gratted cheese spred on top with a cheese icing. im searching this receipe long long time….

  26. natzsm

    I just finished trying out this recipe.

    I was able to make around 30 plus medium sized cupcakes.

    Contrary to what was described in this recipe that the batter will not rise, It did rise, almost double the volume.

    Not that this isn’t a good thing but the first batch of cupcakes overflowed because I though they wouldn’t rise so I filled the cupcake pans almost to the top. It was really inconvenient to remove batter from the rest of the pans because the batter is heavy and thick.

    Right out of the oven, the cupcakes were really soft and tender but as they cooled became denser.

    Finally and most important- they were delicious (which is a personal matter). They are very like the cheese cupcakes that gained popularity during the mid 80s to early 90s.

    I also had doubts about the amount of condensed milk PLUS sugar called for in the recipe but as a general rule, when I am trying out a new recipe, I follow it to the letter before I make my own adjustments. I was pleasantly surprised that the sweetness was just right.

    Lastly, I believe that baking this in an 8″ round pan X 1″ will produce Momilo Mio or the Filipino Cheese Cake.

    I am going to try that out as soon as I finish my 30 cupcakes!

    Thanks for the GREAT recipe!

  27. kathy

    Hi! I just read your recipe…just want to ask if I can make this as cheese cake bars instead of cupcakes? how long will i bake it and what is the preferred size of pan? thanks! God Bless!

  28. SiD


    I would like to ask the volume (in grams) of 1 can of condensed milk that you used for this recipe. Thanks!

  29. Tin

    Im trying this recipe now…. And my cupcake still in the oven. ????
    Hope it will turn out yummy. Goodluck to me. 🙂

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